NX510 SE Auto-Steering System

GNSS RTK Steering System

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The NX510 SE is an automated steering system, that easily retrofits many types of new and old farm tractors and other vehicles with a compact, up-to-date and all-in-one solution at a price every farm can afford. It provides significant productivity gains, works in all visibility conditions and reduces operator fatigue.

The NX510 SE uses the latest generation integrated guidance controller, which is easier to install to avoid wasting precious time in the field. Its enhanced built-in connectivity modules include a 4G modem and an additional UHF radio modem to allow you to work with your favorite RTK correction sources from local RTK networks or GNSS RTK base stations. In addition, it can be easily transferred from one tractor to another, offering unmatched flexibility. The guidance controller featuring full GNSS constellations offers increased accuracy for optimal navigation reliability.

The combined GNSS+INS terrain compensation technology ensures hands-free driving accuracy to within a centimeter (or sub-inch) and provides superior performance in ditching, planting and harvesting applications.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 cm
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