FJD Trion P1 3D Handheld LiDAR Scanner


Package Includes

  • TRION Model Software – Basic Permanent License
  • 1x Carry box
  • 2x Batteries
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x 360 Camera

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Indoor, Outdoor, Underground, All Day Long

Wherever you go, the P1 can capture what you see. Map the environment with intricate details inside and outside, from ornate architecture to hidden infrastructure, from forensic evidence to urban vegetation analysis. Powerful SLAM technology enables the P1 to work in direct sunlight or even at night, in locations that may be inaccessible with traditional methods.

Compact Yet Mighty

Pick up the FJD Trion P1 whenever you want to take a closer look at your world. Weighing in at only 1 kg or slightly over 2 lbs, the P1 fits in a messenger bag and can work all day with easy battery swaps, recreating your environment in minutes.


FJD Trion P1 Portable 3D Laser Scanner, paired with up to 2cm of relative accuracy, provides 3D LiDAR scanning results that are more precise, intricate, and lifelike than ever before.

Incredible Range

With the ability to capture 3D data from a distance of up to 40 meters at a reflectivity level of 10%, Trion P1 offers a visualization experience that brings the scanned data to life in real-time through the use of a point cloud.


Real-Time Visualization of 3D Point Clouds Software

• Displays the scanned project files, storage capacity, and battery life
• Visualizes the point cloud in real-time
• Tracks real-time path
• Manages and downloads the project files


Point Cloud Post-Process Software

• Denoises and colorizes point clouds
• Stitches point clouds, maps shadow, transforms coordinates, and does automatic plane fitting
• Classifies point clouds, produces 2D drawings, and builds 3D models

Rebuild What You See


ItemTrion P1
Weight1.05 kg
Scanning Range40m@10% reflectivity
Scanning Point Frequency200,000 points/second
Dimensions160 × 120 × 270 mm (excluding camera)
Camera Resolution5760 × 2880 @ 30 fps
Camera Field of View (FOV)180°
Protection ClassIP54
Number of Laser Heads1
Laser ClassEye-safety Class I
Relative AccuracyUp to 2cm
Storage Capacity512 GB
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ 45℃
Battery Life2H (grip battery, room temperature)
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